Kaliter Improves the development of your crops

Crops can present deficiencies which entail a drop in plant quality. To overcome these deficiencies, we have developed the Kaliter line of correctors and biostimulants.

The complete product range Agrostock Kaliter correctors allows nutritional deficiencies to be overcome as well as to improve the vegetative and productive development of crops. Their corrector effect can be adapted to different crop needs, supplying micronutrients and nutrients such as copper, iron, manganese, zinc, chelates, etc.

Kaliter biostimulants favour plant metabolic processes, improve its agronomic characteristics, facilitate the rooting action and help to control abiotic stress, ultimately contributing to achieving maximum crop yield and quality.

Kaliter is available for both foliar and root application and is ECO and CAAE certified for ecological farming.

Agrostock Group