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Amino acids are essential for the formation of proteins, which are in turn essential for plant growth. Critical moments are at the beginning of the cultivation and during flowering, but also during times of greater cell multiplication.

At stressful times, the supply of amino acids of plant origin prevent the plant from having to waste a large amount of energy to produce them, so it can take advantage of all its resources for a better and faster recovery.

Enzymatic hydrolysis prevents the destruction of certain essential amino acids such as tryptophan, which is fundamental for auxin biosynthesis and a precursor of antipathogenic alkaloids.

Kaliter® Greenpow is a biostimulant with a high content of free amino acids resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins of plant origin, favouring its assimilation by the crop. At the same time, its balanced aminogram makes it a fundamental tool for supporting the plant throughout the entire vegetative cycle.

Kaliter® Greenpow provides the following advantages:

  • It improves crop nutrition.
  • It increases plant resistance to different stressful situations.
  • It favours the production of new roots and, therefore, the absorption of nutrients.

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