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Hard water has a high concentration of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium salts. This causes serious emulsion problems and a significant loss in performance of active phytosanitary ingredients.

Pampercrop® Zen moderately acidifies water, stabilising phytosanitary products and preventing alkaline hydrolysis thereof, improving their efficacy.

Its formulation with citric acid increases enzymatic and photosynthesis activity of the plant, speeding up protein metabolism and synthesis, while at the same time correcting hard water pH.

Pampercrop® Zen provides the following advantages:

  • It acidifies alkaline and hard water. It reduces the pH of water.
  • It neutralises carbonates and bicarbonates.
  • It improves miscibility in the case of mixtures of several products in the spray tank.
  • It improves the plants’ absorption of the products.
  • It prevents degradation due to hydrolysis of the active materials, achieving higher efficacies in the case of herbicidal and phytosanitary treatments.

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