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Micronutrients are involved in all metabolic processes of the plant (growth, budding, flowering, fruiting) and, although they are required in low doses, their deficiency causes a decrease in the vigour and fruiting of the crop.

Molybdenum intervenes in the production of the nitrate reductase enzyme, which sends the signal to the plant to stop the vegetative period, in order to give way to the reproductive period.

Kaliter® Liken is formulated to prevent and correct  molybdenum deficiencies, avoiding the reduction of budding and favouring the growth and flowering of the crop. In addition, it prevents the appearance of chlorosis.

Kaliter® Liken provides the following advantages:

  • Increases pollination and fruit setting of crops.
  • It mobilizes sugars and nutrients from the leaf to the fruit.
  • Prevents premature fruit drop.
  • Promotes cell division.
  • Increases flower quality.
  • Promotes pollen tube growth in the stigma and style, ensuring excellent pollination.

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