NITROPLUS is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer that incorporates sulfur and PHC.



NITROPLUS is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer that incorporates sulfur and PHC.

NITROPLUS provides a high content of PHC together with highly durable nitrogen. It is perfect for crops with an active nitrogen demand and especially for horticultural crops, where we will obtain harvests of the highest quality and production thanks to the improvement in the assimilation of essential nutrients.

PHC (polyhydroxycarboxylic acids) is an organic matter capable of activating rhizogenesis, improving the assimilation of nutrients, reducing their loss and activating those elements that are blocked in the soil.

NitroPlus is the new technology specially created for horticultural production. For more information, visit the trials we have carried out with prestigious independent institutes: IRTA, Fundación MasBadia and Universidad de Córdoba.

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