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Elicitors are compounds which, when applied exogenously, are capable of activating or triggering the natural synthesis of other substances in the plant, stimulating metabolism and activating the defensive plant response.

Elicitech²® is a formulation based on metabolic activators and amino acids of plant origin from enzymatic hydrolysis (17.92% w/v), which act by stimulating self-protection mechanisms in plants, improving their metabolic system.

Nature™ provides the following advantages:

  • It mobilizes calcium (Ca2+), improving its absorption and assimilation, as it increases levels of calmodulin in plants, the protein that transports calcium.
  • It naturally increases the production of auxins (indoleacetic acid).
  • It activates crop cell division, causing the roots to develop and grow.
  • It improves the absorption and mobility of nutrients in the plant.
  • It improves the natural defense mechanisms of the plant against stress factors such as cold, drought, salinity, ponding, phytotoxicities, etc.
  • More homogenous global plantation and production. 
  • It improves the resistance of the harvest during its handling and storage.
  • It causes an increase in sugar contents, production and gauge.

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