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Calcium is necessary for the structural strengthening, development and elasticity of plant tissue. The correct input of this secondary element guarantees firmer fruits and favours the development of more resistant and healthier plants.

Calcium deficiencies in crops affect the yield and general quality of the fruit, causing physiological disorders such as bitter-pit, blotch-pit, cracking, fruit softening, end rot and tip-burn.

Elicitech²® is a formulation based on metabolic activators and amino acids of plant origin from enzymatic hydrolysis (17.92% w/v), which act by stimulating self-protection mechanisms in plants, improving their metabolic system.

Kompak™ is a liquid formulation that can be used in organic farming. It contains 6.24% organic calcium, which can be readily assimilated by the plant and is enhanced by 10% Elicitech²®, favouring its mobility into the plant.

Kompak™ provides the following advantages:

  • Rapid absorption through the roots.
  • It increases the fruit calcium (Ca) content, improving their resistance to certain plant disorders related to calcium (bitter-pit, blotch-pit, cracking, fruit softening, end rot, tip-burn…).
  • It significantly increases the levels of calmodulin in plants, the protein that transports calcium.
  • It generates the virtues provided by Elicitech²® in all plants.
  • It increases the translocation of carbohydrates and proteins into the plant.

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