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Glycine betaine is a substance which synthesises the plant under hydric stress conditions to balance out the concentration of solutes in and out of the cytoplasm. Furthermore, it conserves cell functions by the bonding of membranes and enzymes, maintaining the capacity to perform metabolic functions. It also maintains turgor by preventing excessive water loss and cell collapse.

Kaliter® GB30 is a formulation with a high concentration of plant amino acids, particularly glycine betaine, which is a molecule of plant origin acting as an osmoprotectant and useful for the plant under stressful environmental conditions.

Kaliter® GB30 provides the following advantages:

  • It improves fruit setting, growth, and maturation.
  • It protects membranes and improves tissue firmness.
  • Increased root development and cell permeability.
  • Increased absorption and retention of water and nutrients in tissues, leaves, and fruits.
  • It reduces the incidence of plant diseases derived from stress, such as the dropping of recently set fruits, poor flower quality, cracking, and malformations in fruits or plant structures.
  • It produces an increase in yield.

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