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The primary function of magnesium is to intervene in photosynthesis processes as it is the central atom of the chlorophyll molecule. At the same time, it intervenes in the activation of certain enzymes and in protein synthesis.

Elicitech²® is a formulation based on metabolic activators and amino acids of plant origin from enzymatic hydrolysis (17.92% w/v), which act by stimulating self-protection mechanisms in plants, improving their metabolic system.

Magma™ Mg/Zn is a liquid formulation containing 8.65% w/v of magnesium oxide and 1.86% w/v of zinc, complexed by polyhydroxy carboxylic acids and enhanced by 5% Elicitech²®.

Magma™ Mg/Zn provides the following advantages:

  • Rapid absorption through the roots.
  • It prevents deficiencies in magnesium and zinc.
  • The zinc is complexed by polyhydroxy carboxylic acids, favoring cell multiplication.
  • Magnesium is a basic element in the chlorophyll molecule. It intervenes in protein synthesis and formation.
  • It improves of setting due to the high zinc content.
  • It favors photosynthesis due to the high magnesium content.
  • It reinforces the defensive capability of the plant in conditions of stress (frosts, droughts…).

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