A new era in plant nutrition

We research and develop any type of solutions to improve crop quality, health and yield. We are working towards an efficient, responsible and cutting-edge farming.

With you in each stage of the crop

We have prepared the most complete product to cover your crops’ needs in each stage, with the best fertiliser for the soil, biostimulant and compost, along with carefully formulated correctors and rooting agents as well. We assure their quality in our labs and test them in our testing fields to guarantee maximum quality.

We investigate to help you

We have our own research, development and innovation centre, where a qualified team of biologists, chemists and engineers design the most advanced technologies in plant nutrition. We constantly ask ourselves what a fertiliser is in order to change our perspective and offer new formulas that revolutionise the farming sector. As a result, we have become experts in the development and sale of fertilisers and plant nutrition products of any type.
Agrostock Group