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Asfert® GEL is an NPK product line with trace elements in gel format which furthermore presents certain polysaccharides in its composition. In addition to carrying out nutritional functions, these polysaccharides are capable of biostimulating the crop, enhancing nutrient assimilation, facilitating recovery of the crop during times of stress, and regulating its development throughout the entire cycle.

Asfert® 12-12-12 GEL is an NPK gel formulation for foliar application with a balanced composition, particularly indicated in high demand stages of the crops. Furthermore, as a result of the presence of specific polysaccharides in its composition, it favours the assimilation of macro- and micronutrients, achieving greater plant development.

Asfert® 12-12-12 GEL provides the following advantages:

  • It reinforces plant activity in all the phenological stages of the crop.
  • It optimises the absorption of nutrients (specific polysaccharides in its composition).
  • Improved plant resistance to different stressful situations.
  • High concentrations of nutrients as a result of its gel presentation.
  • It immediately supplies energy to the plant (optimising photosynthesis).

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