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Micronutrients are involved in all the metabolic processes of the plant (growth, budding, flowering, fructification…), and although they are required at low doses, a deficiency leads to reduced vigour and fructification of the crop.

Iron deficiency in the plant is generally not due to an actual absence in soil, since it is required in minute amounts. It is most often blocked and cannot be assimilated by the roots. The usual cause of the blocking is a high soil pH.

Zinc and manganese deficiencies are very common in a number of crops. These two micronutrients have a role that is as important as iron in plant nutrition.

Kaliter® Utopic is designed to cover the needs of crops throughout their vegetative cycle, supplying the main micronutrients needed to obtain maximum crop production.

Kaliter® Utopic provides the following advantages:

  • It optimises photosynthesis efficiency and improves plant metabolism.
  • As a result of the selection of the chelating agents, it provides stability and persistence in all types of soils.
  • It improves the sanitary state of the crop, providing higher resistance to adverse situations.

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