Asfert High efficiency for crop nutrition

The goal of the Asfert product range is to achieve the greatest nutrition efficiency for crops. For this reason, we formulate our liquid compost and fertiliser with the best raw materials and stabilise them in an acidic broth, improving the edaphic profile by reducing nutritional blockages.

The benefits of using the special Asfert fertiliser are:

  • It improves nutritional assimilation and transport.
  • It improves the efficiency of the fertilising units supplied to the soil.
  • It improves the health status of the crop, favouring the activation of innate immunity of crops.

You can buy Asfert ROOT or GEL technology depending on the specific needs of your crop.


The technology incorporated in our liquid NPKs promotes the absorption of conserved nutrients and facilitates the assimilation of NPKs from the exchange fraction as a result of the ROOT technology, which is capable of mobilising and transporting nutrients from the root to all the plant organs, thereby improving crop yield.


GEL technology is able to stably fix the nutrients on the leaf for a much longer time, favouring leaf absorption and allowing to improve the nutritional process. Furthermore, our formulations incorporate much more concentrated balances due to GEL technology, facilitating field work and handling.

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