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Calcium is necessary for the structural strengthening, development and elasticity of plant tissue. The correct input of this secondary element guarantees firmer fruits and favours the development of more resistant and healthier plants.

Calcium deficiencies in crops affect the yield and general quality of the fruit, causing physiological disorders such as bitter-pit, blotch-pit, cracking, fruit softening, end rot, tip-burn, etc.

Boron (B), is a micronutrient directly involved in fruit setting, so a deficiency of this micronutrient may cause a loss in production. It also helps with the penetration and mobilisation of calcium inside the plant and facilitates sugar transport.

Kaliter® Calix is a formulation in which calcium complexed with heptagluconic acid and boron ethanolamine are combined to improve the absorption of both nutrients.

Kaliter® Calix provides the following advantages:

  • It structurally strengthens the plant, enhancing its rigidity and self-defence.
  • It improves fruit quality and production.
  • It increases the calcium (Ca) content in fruits, improving their resistance to handling and prolonging conservation.

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