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Micronutrients are involved in all the metabolic processes of the plant (growth, budding, flowering, fructification…), and although they are required at low doses, a deficiency leads to reduced vigour and fructification of the crop.

Boron is a micronutrient that plays an important essential structural role in plant growth and is
an agent of vital importance in nucleic acid and carbohydrate metabolism. Furthermore, it is directly involved in flowering and fruit setting, so a deficiency of this micronutrient may cause a loss in crop production.

Molybdenum participates in the production of the enzyme nitrate reductase, which sends the signal to the plant to stop the vegetative period in order to give way to the reproductive period.

Kaliter® Boro + Molibdeno is formulated to prevent and correct the deficiencies of both nutrients, preventing a reduced budding and favouring crop growth and flowering. Furthermore, it also prevents the onset of chlorosis.

Kaliter® Boro + Molibdeno provides the following advantages:

  • It increases pollination and setting of the crops.
  • It mobilises sugars and nutrients from the leaf to the fruits.
  • It prevents the premature falling of fruits. It favours cell division.
  • It increases the quality of flowers.
  • It promotes growth of the pollen tube in the stigma and in the style, guaranteeing excellent pollination.


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