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Liquid formulation with a 0.2% w/w of manganese oxide in the form of nanoparticles dispersed in ENC (99.8% w/w). The nanoparticle size (between 20-40 nm) allows the manganese to be more easily translocated into the plant, and it further allows obtaining better coverage on the leaf surface, with a minimal amount of manganese. It reduces the deficiencies of this metal, preventing the onset of chlorosis.

ENC is the exclusive technology of Agrostock, based on metabolic activators which act by stimulating self-defense mechanisms in plants, improving their metabolic system while acting as nanoparticle carriers.

Nanocrop™ Manganeso provides the following advantages:

  • It reduces the amount of manganese required, rendering crop fertilization more effective.
  • It corrects the deficiencies caused by the blocking manganese in the soil and due to an excess of other antagonistic elements.
  • It improves the general state of the crop by metabolic activation and/or through other routes, resulting in a better yield and higher quality.
  • It stimulates the natural defenses of the plant, reducing the use of fungicides.
  • It activates crop cell division, causing the roots to develop and grow.

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