What we do

We search for innovative solutions that improve the day-to-day work of professionals dedicated to agriculture . With our sights always set on efficiency and being environmentally friendly, our team of researchers made up of biologists, chemists and engineers designs and formulates the most advanced technologies in plant nutrition.

We have a research, development and innovation centre located at our facilities in Fraga (Huesca), where our team develops all of our technologies. Moreover, a laboratory equipped with the most advanced systems for the characterisation, quantification and detection ensures maximum quality of all products.

We evaluate all the technologies in our testing fields: over 30 hectares intended for fruit and vegetable production, as well as for growing a large number of grasses. In these fields, the Research Department tests each of the characteristics of our products in different crops and phenological states.

Our technologies


Associated development centres

Our development and innovation team conducts scientific research in collaboration with other internationally renowned research centres.

The organisation is distributed into three departments:

Research, development and innovation of new agricultural fertilisers, biostimulants and correctors.
Development of new analytical methods for quality control over our products.
Plant Health. Monitoring the phytosanitary state of crops and testing the effectiveness of various products on a microbiological level.
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