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Asfert® ROOT is an NPK product line which incorporates ROOT™ technology in its composition. This technology optimises
the absorption and transport of macro- and micronutrients available in the formula, making the fertiliser which contains it a much more effective formulation.

Asfert® 11-3-4 ROOT is an NPK formulation for root application which combines the eliciting action provided by ROOT™ with the nutritive capacity of a fertiliser. It responds perfectly to nutritional needs at any time and in any situation, in addition to activating self-protection mechanisms in plants to increase their self-defence in stressful situations. Due to its high nitrogen content, it is ideal for initial cultivation or young plantations.

Asfert® 11-3-4 ROOT provides the following advantages:

  • It favours vegetative development of the crop.
  • It optimises the absorption and transport of nutrients (ROOT™ technology).
  • Improved plant resistance to different stressful situations.
  • It naturally increases the production of auxins (indoleacetic acid).
  • It improves rooting capacity.

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