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Micronutrients are involved in all the metabolic processes of the plant (growth, budding, flowering, fructification…), and although they are required at low doses, a deficiency leads to reduced vigour and fructification of the crop.

Specifically, zinc (Zn) deficiencies are very common in a number of crops.

Kaliter® Blenda is a liquid formulation consisting of a high concentration of zinc to enhance its ability to be assimilated through the leaves.

Kaliter® Blenda provides the following advantages:

  • Indicated for correcting zinc deficiencies.
  • It activates and optimises a number of enzymatic processes.
  • It actively participates in auxin synthesis by the plant.
  • It favours protein synthesis.
  • It optimises vegetative and productive crop development.
  • It allows for a rapid translocation of the element into the plant.

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