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Fulvic acids make up the soluble fraction of humic substances and are water-soluble under any pH condition. Due to their chemical structure and low molecular weight, they readily penetrate the plant and favour solubilisation of various metal ions while at the same time improve their transport to the roots.

Elicitech²® is a formulation based on metabolic activators and amino acids of plant origin from enzymatic hydrolysis (17.92% w/v), which act by stimulating self-protection mechanisms in plants, improving their metabolic system.

Renova™ is a biostimulant produced from fulvic acids extracted exclusively from plant sources which, combined with the metabolic activators and amino acids of plant origin present in the Elicitech²® technology, stimulate the self-protection mechanisms of the plant, improve the metabolic system and increase the absorption efficacy of nitrogen and other nutrients.

Renova™ provides the following advantages:

  • It optimises soil fertility and increases the cation exchange capacity.
  • It increases the water retention capacity.
  • It increases crop production and quality.
  • It stimulates root, foliage, and fruit growth.
  • It prevents nutritional deficiencies.

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